Magnificent Huddersfield

A sunny day in June, cycling around Huddersfield and looking for colourful or striking scenes to photograph. Using a Pentax MX manual camera with a 50mm SMC f1.4 lens and some Portra 160 ISO 35mm film.

Look up Byram

My favourite cycling cafe destination, Arcade. Darkwoods coffee, charming service, lovely chocolate banana bread and an inspirational setting.

The photographer’s steps

Taking care where I lean my bike


South facing tower block

Meaningless mosaic

Huddersfield shop front: layers of different architecture for sale.

Grade II Listed Queensgate

Contemporary construction is dangerous

Dayglow break

Sky hook

Layers of buildings

A place built for cars

Fluorescent Lunchbreak

Sunlight through concrete

Sunlit weir

The great escape along Huddersfield Narrow Canal, through post industrial decay

Subtle advertising

The ghosts of buildings past

Rotting green

The flowers known as ‘fox and cubs’

Pentax MX, SMC 50mm f1.4 lens, Kodak Portra 160, developed by Analogue Wonderland.