Swaledale retreat

On a recent Spiritual Retreat to Grinton in Swaledale, I took my Pentax MX with 50mm SMC f1.4 lens, and some Ilford XP2 400 (C41) film. I haven’t recorded aperture or shutter speed… I’m still getting the hang experimenting with 35mm film.

Danger – Keep Out

Grinton YHA Lodge

Upper Swaledale with views of Reeth

Sunlit woodland

Tree in silhouette

Lichen on trunk of tree

Moss on roof

Bicycle outside

Railings and decking in the rain

Moss on roof

Stormy night

Windswept tree

Photographed on Ilford XP2 400 iso 35mm film using a Pentax MX SLR camera with Pentax SMC 50mm f1.4 lens. Aperture and shutter speed were not recorded.