Welsh contrast

I’m enjoying the physicality of 35mm photography: the limits of a single 50mm lens, taking time to frame the scene, attempting to get the exposure right, the finality of the click/bump as the shutter is released and the sense of moving on that comes from winding the film. There’s no instant gratification, no screen to see what the photo looks like, no instant share to social media… and you get the photo you took. It is what it is. One day I’ll learn to process my own negatives, but for the time being I’m happy leaving that to the experts. Welsh photographs taken with a Pentax MX, SMC 50mm f1.4 lens, Ilford HP5 400 iso 35mm film. I don’t have the habit of recording Aperture and Shutter speed yet.

I have noticed that my memory of colourful scenery has been replaced with what feels like a bleakness. I have also noticed that the HP5 film doesn’t seem to have the same details as the XP2 Super B&W film from Ilford – or at least, I think I have a greater degree of detail in my Swaledale photographs than I do in my Harlech ones.